Emil Lindberg

Software developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Loves to create and play video games, make and listen to music, exercise, learn new things and nerd about science and scepticism.

Programming Projects

Cat Voxel City

A car drives through a city and fires its weapon on a tree that falls into pieces.
Mobile game

You drive through a city and throw cats on objects to gain points while you avoid vehicles and obstacles.

A mobile game I’m developing together with graphic designer Hassan Al Kazmi. I’m responsible for the implementation of the gameplay. I also create tools for assisting Hassan's workflow.

Uses Unity game engine with following libraries: DOTween, Lean Touch and AnimFollow.

Gameplay video

Brick Racer

A car drives through a city and fires its weapon on a tree that falls into pieces.
Mobile game
Ludum Dare 40

A mobile racing game with an online high score table. I'm currently remaking and monetizing it so I can release it on mobile markets.

Made with the Unity game engine using C#. Used dreamlo for the high score table.

Made during the Ludum Dare 40 Jam competition. "Brick Racer" got ranked #12 out of 1818 games in the fun category!

Game page Gameplay video Source

Get The Treasure!

An over the shoulder thirdperson camera is showing a burglar from behind in a big room. A trap is lying on the floor infront of him. Paintings that can be looted hangs on the wall.
Online Multiplayer

Get The Treasure! is an online multiplayer game where you play as one of four burglars who breaks into a museum. The goal is to steal as much loot as possible while preventing the other burglars from looting more than you. The game never got finished beyond a vertical slice.

A 7-man group project work for the last course in my game development bachelor program. I was assigned "Lead Programmer" and were responsible for the gameplay and networking functionality. I was also the SCRUM-master for a few sprints.

Made with the Unity game engine using C#. The Networking was implemented with much-appreciated help from the now obsolete "Ultimate Unity Networking project."

Gameplay (Commentary in Swedish) Webplayer (obsolete)

Tic-Tac-Toe Online

The masterserver, the client's game lobby and two clients playing a game.
Online Multiplayer

A classic Tic-tac-toe game with a game server room.

Clients connect to a master server which keeps track of active game servers. Clients can create their custom games and register them with the master server so other clients can easily find them. The custom games themselves run on the hosting client.

Made in Java with the network package java.net.

Screenshots & source


Screen is split vertically in the middle into two screens. The left screen represent the left eye and the right screen the right eye.
Ludum Dare 37

An FPS-puzzle game where you control your characters eyes to detect abnormalities among game objects in a 3D-world. Abnormalities are game objects that aren't visible for both your eyes. By steering your character's left and right eye separately, you can align your eyes to detect these defects.

Made with the Unity game engine using C# and DOTween.

Made during the Ludum Dare 37 Compo competition. "Mutrix" got ranked #39 in innovation!

Game page Gameplay video Source

Hi Pluto!

Earth, asteroids and a comet is shown. Jupiter and Mars are in the background.
Game Analytics
Mobile Game
Ludum Dare 38

"Hi Pluto!" is a classic infinite vertical jumping game where you play as Earth jumping upwards on asteroids to reach Pluto. Control Earth's horizontal movement with your mouse and aim for the asteroids and the golden comet checkpoints while you avoid dropping out of the screen.

Made with the Unity game engine using C# and DOTween. Implemented Unity Analytics to gain insight on how users would interact within the game. Graphics were made with Blender and Krita.

Made during the Ludum Dare 38 Compo competition.

Game page Gameplay video Source

Lime Engine

Gameplay where the player fires at alot of enemy ships.
SDL 1.2

A simple game engine with a top-down shooter game built upon the engine.

Made with C++ and Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) 1.2


Other Projects


Part of my scene. The father holds a lit flashlight.
3D Animation
Autodesk Maya

Beneath is a 3D animated short film about a father and a son who works as sewer explorers in Stockholm. Beneath was shown at Biocafé Tellus.

An 8-man project work for a 3D animation program. We had a half semester worth of time to produce a short 3D animation in Maya using Disneys 12 animation principles. Our group created everything, but the primary focus of the project was the animation. My tasks were animation, 3D-modelling and UV-mapping and some MEL-scripting. I animated the scene from 2:54 to the end credits. I created tools with MEL to assist parts of the project, such as the animation of the shaking utility hole cover and the water rendering.

Made with Autodesk Maya.

Animation (Starts at my scene) From the beginning


Contact me through hello@emillindberg.com.